Meter Enclosures

Easy meter installation with pre-wired Meter Management Units

Complete metering assembly with terminal blocks, fuses and optional test terminals.

SHM supplies an extensive range of meters mounted in a sealable rugged enclosure known as a Meter Management Unit or MMU.  The MMU can be surface mounted on a wall or on a panel.

The MMU includes meter fuses and a neutral disconnect link - essential if no fused meter supply has been provided and the meter must be connected direct to the busbars.

All connections are to DIN-rail terminal blocks inside the unit.  Wiring access is via conduit knock-outs.

Optional shrouded voltage reference sockets can be provided to allow easy connection of a portable power analyser for checking/testing.  The power analyser's clip-on CTs are used to monitor the current, and the analyser readings can be cross-checked against the meter readings.

CT shorting links provide for safe meter servicing.


  • Meter ready to install - no cut-outs or special mounting facilities required
  • No need for separate meter fusing
  • Saves installation time and costs
  • Easy meter servicing
  • Voltage verification points available

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MMU1C - Click for full-size image

MMU1 (Standard Width)

Provides voltage fuses and neutral-disconnect links.  Both 3-phase and single-phase units available.  Optional shrouded voltage test points and optional CT shorting links.

Model shown is MMU1C3-P-T.

MMU2 - Click for full-size image

MMU2 (Dual Meters)

As MMU1 but with space for two meters.

Model shown is MMU2E3.

MMU4 - Click for full-size image

MMU4 (Tall)

The MMU4 has space for four meters with separate voltage fusing/disconnection for each meter and shorting links for all CTs to allow meters to be independently changed.