Case Studies

Avoid Excess Demand Charges and Power Outages – Construction Industry – Embassy Gardens London

The site supply is drawn from a local HV substation from an MCB rated at 800Amps. If the current drawn rises above this figure the Air Circuit Beaker controlling the electricity supply will tripped by a Schneider Micrologic 5 control unit in the HV substation. This has dramatic effects on the site machinery, cranes will stop and hoists will come to a halt. SHM has installed an Iskra MT382 meter with integral 3G mobile data communications on the incoming supply. This gives the client his consumption pattern minute by minute throughout the day, and ties consumption peaks to the exact times of day when the load is high. Read more...

buliding site
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Metering Oceanographic Research

The National Oceanography Centre, (NOC) has for the past five years used Carlo Gavazzi EM21 electricity meters to monitor and record energy consumption. The iconic waterfront site in Southampton has electrical metering in over 110 locations in addition to gas, water and heat metering. Read more...

RRS James Cook alongside at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Site
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