The J-Logger Range

SHM's J-Loggers are intelligent Web-enabled dataloggers that form a key part of a modern Energy Management System (EMS).  They can be configured to log data from intelligent meters (Modbus, M-Bus etc.) or from pulse-output meters.  32 and 64 channel versions are available, storing a Load Profile at programmable intervals of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.  Each channel stores 4000 readings.

The easy-to-use Dashboard can be accessed via the network using a standard Web browser.  With the Dashboard, you can :-

  • View current channel readings and status
  • View historic data in chart or tabular form
  • Export data in CSV, HTML and PDF formats
  • FTP, SMTP and Obix
  • View alarms
  • Configure logger parameters

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The new Panel Supervising J-Logger is designed to monitor additionally up to 12 meters (for example in a panel) and provide instantaneous displays of the principal metering parameters via Web-based Dashboards.  The Meter Mimics have large easy-to-read figures and have a uniform familiar front-panel layout allowing you to monitor your installation with ease.

  • Modbus logging
  • M-Bus logging
  • Pulse logging
  • Analog/Temperature logging
  • Networkable (TCP/IP)
  • Dual Ethernet Ports
  • GPRS Option
  • Industry-standard protocol to retrieve data
  • Protocol compatible with many leading M&T software applications
  • Configurable
  • Multi-level security
  • Web-based Dashboards
  • Export of data via FTP or Email
  • Can act as simple stand-alone AMR system emailing data
  • Alarm email on meter failure

Additional Panel Supervisor Features

  • Meters page with two key parameters per Meter.
  • Multiple Pop-up Meter Mimics showing all parameters.
  • Electricity and Heat meters currently supported.  Other meter types available on request.


For the simplest applications the J-Logger can provide a complete AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solution on its own.  As well as manual access via the Dashboard, it can be programmed to schedule reports of meter readings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  These reports are sent in the form of CSV files as email attachments, which can be opened using Microsoft Excel.  Alarm emails can also be sent if communications to one of the meters fails, allowing rapid detection of meter faults.  You can program different recipients for the report and alarm emails.

If a greater depth of historic readings is required (the logger stores 4000 readings per channel) or if more advanced analysis and reporting is required, then the J-Logger can act as a slave to a central Energy Monitoring System software application.  This application will upload historic data from the Logger at regular intervals (typically once per day, but more frequently if required) and store it in a large database.  Suitable applications include SHM's XLeMs, eSight Energy Management Software and Reality from Stark Software International.

The logger makes historic data available via the oBIX protocol, which is supported by several of the leading EMS applications.  Retrieving historic data via oBIX is a simple Web-based process that provides the data in the form of XML files.

For cases where external access to the logger for oBIX is difficult to arrange, daily Load Profile reports can be exported as CSV files.  These reports can be sent using FTP (FTP Push) or as Email attachments.  A special algorithm ensures that data is not lost if the FTP connection is temporarily down.

Dashboard Screenshots

Click to view full-size Channels screen showing colour-coded meter status.
Click to view full-size Report screen showing colour-coded meter status.
Click to view full-size Display with pop-up Electricity & Heat meters.


SHM's own easy-to-use Energy Monitoring Software has been designed specifically for SHM loggers.  XLeMs produces Reports and Charts in the form of Microsoft Excel workbooks.

For large-scale or multi-vendor Energy Monitoring Systems we recommend Reality from Stark Software International, but SHM operates an open-systems policy and its loggers interface with a large number of different data collectors.


The logger is based on the robust Java Application Controlled Engine (JACE) platform which allows it to interface to a wide range of devices using most of the commonly used industrial protocols via its two serial interfaces (RS232 and RS485).  Its dual Ethernet interfaces permit simple integration into a networked monitoring system as well as allowing access to network-based industrial protocols (eg. Modbus-TCP, BACnet).

Wall-Mounting J-Logger

  • Built-in 230V AC PSU
  • 8 Univeral Inputs for pulse counting, Temperature or Analog sensors
  • 1 x RS232 and 1 x RS485 serial ports
  • Optional 2 x RS485 expansion module for additional Modbus/M-Bus circuits
  • Optional GPRS Module to allow remote wireless access

DIN-Rail J-Logger

  • 230V AC or 24V DC DIN-Rail PSU options
  • Expandable with additional Universal Input modules
  • 1 x RS232 and 1 x RS485 serial ports
  • Optional 2 x RS485 expansion module for additional Modbus/M-Bus circuits
  • Optional GPRS Module to allow remote wireless access

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