Elster A1700 CT and VT Connection for HV installation

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The Elster A1700 is the benchmark electricity meter in the Code 5 half-hourly market for industrial meters. For use in HV installations, this meter has 63/110V VT and 5A CT connections and pulse output. For other VT configurations, please call SHM.

Need an enclosure?

We can supply your meter mounted in a pre-wired metal or plastic enclosure with fuse holders, fuses, neutral and CT disconnects where appropriate. Our engineers will help determine what you need and provide a cost.

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The Elster A1700 Meter supersedes the highly successful PPM range and offers outstanding measurement and complex tariff capabilities for use in both industrial and commercial applications.

This meter is MID Approved and suitable for Code 5 metering in the UK and billing use throughout Europe.  It is fully compliant to EMC regulations BS EN 50081-1 and BS EN 50082-1
SHM MeterShop are approved to pre-program this meter – please contact us if you have specific requirements. We can also supply (to special order) meters meeting accuracy Class 0.2s or Class 0.5s (CT operated meters only).

For use in HV installations, this model is for 63/110V VT and 5A CT operation and has a pulse output for connection to monitoring equipment. Please select the CT ratio you require.  Refer to Related Products below for suitable CTs and RS485 interface module.

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