PM5341 Multifunction, quad-tariff, billing MID meter. Ethernet, logging, alarms , multiple I/O.

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Class 0.5, MID Class C. Internal Clock. Multifunction 3ph 3/4W Panel Meter. Pulse & ModbusTCP. THD. 31st harmonic. 690V metering. 400V inst supply. Dual relay, dual input dual output. QR Code.

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We can supply your meter mounted in a pre-wired metal or plastic enclosure with fuse holders, fuses, neutral and CT disconnects where appropriate. Our engineers will help determine what you need and provide a cost.

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Schneider PowerLogic 5300 Range Class 0.5 Internet enabled multifunction 3ph 3/4W 96x96mm Panel Meter. An exceptionally featured quality and value Ethernet billing meter. Compact MID approved meter for import and export energy billing, power management, harmonic analysis . Modbus TCP comms. Internal clock with 4 settable tariff periods. Pulse and selectable 35-parameter multi-condition alarm outputs. Two digital outputs and twin external pulse input count register inputs for water gas etc. Twin output relays. Up to 31st harmonic THD and individual current and voltage harmonics. 256kB logging memory. 690V metering voltage, 400V inst supply. 1or 5Amp CT. Use on 3ph/4W 3ph/3W systems or single phase supplies. Instrument supply up to 480V ac. Calculated neutral current. QR Code meter reading.

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