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SHM 3Ph + N Fused Voltage Tap Set for Cables 35 to 240 sqmm

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SHM Easy Voltage Tap Set for cables – 3 x Fused Phase Terminal and 1 x Unfused Neutral Terminal. For cables from 35 to 240 sqmm area.

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The VT240P Vampire Voltage Tap Sets are time-saving and extremely easy to install.  The terminal clamp is hooked onto the cable and screwed in.  It is electrically connected to the cable core by a piercing contact.  An insulated screw with a snap-off head ensures optimum contact with the conductor and at the same time protects the cable. Thanks to their small size, the Vampire voltage taps are easy to manipulate in narrow connection spaces and can be used with a variety of cable sizes ranging from 35 to 240 sqmm. They are supplied with fused cables which are are simply plugged into the fuse sockets on the Vampire Taps to make a safe 3-phase and neutral voltage connection. The set comprises four piercing clamps with three fused (16A) cables and an unfused neutral cable.  All cables are 1.5m long.

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