The Elster Group is a world leader in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  They manufacture a range of Ofgem / MID certified electricity meters for tariff use.

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A1700DC Elster A1700 100A Direct Connection
  • £276.00
A1700CTHV Elster A1700 CT and VT Connection for HV installation
  • £292.00
A1700CT Elster A1700 Current Transformer Connection
  • £292.00
ELLAN232 Elster A1700 RS232 Module MODVBRD
  • £18.00
ELLAN485 Elster A1700 RS485 Module MODVBSG
  • £72.00
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NEW on the SHM shop – 96x96 or 72x72 meters can be bought with Plastic or Steel enclosures. Contact SHM if you need more than 1 meter in the panel.
All meters used for billing in the EU must be MID Approved. Find out what the Measuring Instruments Directive means to you.
SHM frequently find that CT are miswired when troubleshooting installations. This document might help you to install CT correctly.