Application Notes

SHM constantly produces technical documentation. Our most popular Application Notes can be downloaded below.

Adobe Overview AN003  Overview of logger features and how to use them
Adobe Analog Values AN004  Explanation of the values returned for Analog or Temperature channels
Adobe Telecomms Sharing AN005  Discussion of the various ways that an existing telecomms connection can be shared to reduce costs
Adobe Cable Specifications AN011  Suggested cable types for installation of loggers and systems
Adobe EGU Requirements AN018  Network requirements prior to installation of an Ethernet Gateway Unit
Adobe Integral EGU Setup AN024  Guide to setting up an integral Ethernet interface 
Adobe Gas Barrier Relays AN025  Wiring Pepperl & Fuchs gas barrier relays to an SHM logger 

Adobe Using UCSV AN015  Guide to using UCSV to collect historic data 
Adobe XLeMs CSV Export AN027  Using XLeMs to export data as CSV files
Adobe Using XLeMs for Billing AN028  Using XLeMs to generate Bills/Invoices
Adobe Using XLeMs as a Collection Engine AN057  Using XLeMs to collect data from SHM Loggers and pass it to an EMS system via FTP Push or oBIX
Adobe XLeMs Installation & Upgrade AN058  Notes on installing XLeMs

Adobe Using Modscan32 AN008  Describes how to use the Modscan utility to communicate with ND meters via Modbus.
Adobe ND Modbus AN016  Read this if you are using Modbus with ND Multicube meters
Adobe Installing Retrofit CTs AN017  Installation of ND Voltage-output CTs used with Rail350V and Cube350V meters
Adobe CG Meter Connections AN019  Clarification of CT connections to Carlo Gavazzi meters (WM2, EM24)
Adobe CG EM24 Day/Night AN020  Describes how to set up an EM24 meter to perform day/night tariff switching using an external time clock.
Adobe Br Right First Time AN075  Right first time - guide for CT meter installation.
Adobe ND Multicube v1.10 Details of changes to the Multicube range of meters for version 1.10 firmware (2007 onwards).
Adobe ND Meter Comms Communication options for ND Meters
Adobe CT Cable Losses A guide to cable sizes and maximum lengths for connecting 5A CTs to meters
Mini-Clip CT Cable Length Calculator (Excel) An interactive Excel spreadsheet to calculate permitted cable extensions for the SHM Mini-Clip range of CTs.

Adobe MID Directive SHM's easy-to-understand guide to the MID Directive and its relevance to electricity metering installations.  It includes an overview of MID Approved meters available.
Adobe ND Meters A selection guide for Northern Design meters, listing measured parameters and all available options
Adobe Tenant Billing AN002  A meter selection guide for Tenant Billing and Energy Management Systems

Adobe Ethernet Wiring AN023  Standard wire colours for wiring Ethernet RJ45 plugs (T658A & T658B) 
Adobe Power Measurement This is a useful introduction to power measurement techniques and the various international standards involved (particularly EN50160). It is part of the documentation for the ND PHS50, PHS51 and PHS52 power analysers. 
Adobe General Information Leaflet 65 Building Regulations 2000, L2 Conservation of fuel and power in buildings other than dwellings require most new non-domestic buildings to install some form of sub-metering.  This leaflet has been produced as a guide to meeting Part L2 of these regulations.