SHM is partnered with MeterPay

The Smart Solution to Secondary Prepayment with MeterPay (PAYG)

  • Smart Meter technology allows landlords to manage their prepayment (Pay-as-you-Go) scheme online.
  • Smart Meters stay connected with MeterPay through the mobile data network.
  • After consumers complete top-up payments, credit is delivered to the smart meter in real time.
  • Reduced management burden compared to coin/card-based prepayment schemes.
  • Improved security (anti-tamper) with alarm based alerts to eliminate fraud.
  • Automated meter reading, tariff management and deployment.
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For bulk discounts, complex purchases, or if you'd prefer to talk to a consultant on the telephone please ring 01962 865142. We supply everything from a single meter to a complete system. We accept payment by credit card or company purchase card.