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Live On-line Demo

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SHM Online

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SHM Online Service

SHM Online remotely reads many different types of tariff meters via the mobile network using GPRS communication.  Meter readings can be accessed via the Internet using a standard web browser.  Readings are presented as tables or graphs and can also be downloaded manually as CSV data files or sent automatically via email.

Reading can be chosen as follows :-

  • Monthy reading
  • Weekly reading
  • Daily reading
  • Daily load profile (48 readings per day)

Principal features include :-

  • View most recent reading
  • View 3-month graph
  • Single and 3-phase supplies
  • Multi tariff - day/night analysis
  • View readings table - can be saved as CSV file
  • Compare usage - day-day, week-week, month-month or year-year
  • Secure login - customers can only see their own data
  • Convert energy usage to cost and kg CO2

Meter manufacturers include :-

  • Iskra
  • Elster
  • EDMI
  • Emlite
  • Kamstrup
  • Landis & Gyr