Meter Management Units (MMU) – Retro Fit

SHM can supply any DIN-rail or panel-mounted meter that we sell mounted in a sealable rugged enclosure known as a Meter Management Unit or MMU.  The MMU can be mounted on a wall, panel surface or top.

The MMU includes meter fuses and a neutral disconnect link – essential if no fused meter supply has been provided and the meter must be connected direct to the busbars.

All connections are to DIN-rail terminal blocks inside the unit. Wiring access is via conduit knock-outs.

CT shorting links can be provided to facilitate meter servicing.

  • Meter ready to install – no cut-outs or special mounting facilities required
  • No need for separate meter fusing
  • Saves installation time and costs
  • Easy meter servicing

You will be able to choose to have your meter fitted in a suitable MMU when you click the [Add to cart] button.

shm meter management unit
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