Logger Utilities – UCOMM

This is a utility to read and modify the configuration of any standard SHM logger (DL4, UL8, UL24).

SHM loggers are versatile devices that can be tailored to a wide range of applications. All the logger’s operating parameters are stored within the logger in non-volatile memory (i.e. the information is retained, even when the logger is unpowered). It is this set of parameters (known as the logger ‘Personality’) that can be programmed by UCOMM.

The process known as ‘Commissioning’ will program parameters that apply to the operation of the whole logger.

The process known as ‘Configuration’ will program parameters that control the operation of a single channel. The channels within the logger can each be configured independently.

There is a third process known as ‘Set Up’ which is normally only used during manufacture, to program the logger’s Electronic Serial Number. It can only be performed if certain hardware modifications are carried out, which requires access to the logger circuit board.

The utility supports communication with the logger in a variety of ways :-

  • RS232 direct connection to local interrogation port (9-way D type)
  • Dial-up modem (where logger has a modem fitted)
  • Ethernet TCP/IP (where logger is connected to an Ethernet Gateway Unit)

A full manual is available on our technical manuals page

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