Electricity Meters – Billing

SHM MeterShop offer a wide range of MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) billing meters that are approved for tariff use anywhere in Europe.

Any meter used for the billing of electricity must be MID Approved under Annexe MI-003.  Existing OFGEM meters are still legal and can be installed until October 2016, after which date every meter used for billing must be MID approved.

What is MID?  The Measuring Instruments Directive was introduced by the European Commission in 2004 to promote the free trade of measuring instruments throughout Europe and provide common rules for their use.  The European Directive 2004/22/EC, MID came fully into force on 30th October 2006.

Instruments must meet the essential requirements of the directive plus one of ten instrument-specific annexes.  For electricity meters, this is MI-003 (active electrical energy meters).

Our easy-to-understand MID Guide tells you all you need to know about MID Approval and Tariff Metering.

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