Service Agreements

All equipment provided by SHM comes with a free one year
warranty. Once the equipment is out of warranty SHM recommends
taking out an Engineering Service Agreement to ensure
sustained and reliable operation. The benefits of having an
agreement are:

  • As a part of the agreement a remote support service is
    provided whereby experienced engineers can use diagnostic
    equipment and software to help identify and remedy faults
    ensuring speedy resolution of problems without the need for
    a site visit.
  • As a part of the agreement there are a number of site
    visits provided free, in the event that more complex
    problems arise.
  • SHM gives highest priority to Customers who have taken
    out Engineering Service Agreements.
  • SHM has a fully automated help desk system to ensure the
    customer has full visibility of the status of any incidents.
    The system has a Web portal with unique login IDs and
    passwords for each customer.

Please contact us for further details.

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