Logger Utilities – UREAD

This is a utility to read historic data from a standard SHM logger and append it to a file in “DF2” format. This file can be subsequently imported into Stark Reality energy monitoring software. This is useful if it is not possible to interrogate the logger directly from the Stark Reality host.

The historic logged data is normally read by a sophisticated software package (eg. Stark Reality) that can store the data and generate reports based on it. The reading of this data is scheduled automatically (typically daily). The logger or loggers are interrogated via the PC’s serial port, the Internet or a dial-up modem. Several of the loggers may be connected in a network.

Should there be a failure of the communications network, modem or telephone line, UREAD is designed to provide a fall-back mode of operation until communications are restored.

The DF2 file can be transferred to the host PC. The Stark Reality software can then import the data from this file in lieu of ‘live’ data.

The utility supports communication with the logger in a variety of ways :-

  • RS232 direct connection to local interrogation port (9-way D type)
  • Dial-up modem (where logger has a modem fitted)
  • Ethernet TCP/IP (where logger is connected to an Ethernet Gateway Unit)

A full manual is available on our technical manuals page

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