Meter Management Units (MMU) – Retro Fit
SHM can supply any DIN-rail or panel-mounted meter that we sell mounted in a sealable rugged enclosure known as a Meter Management Unit or MMU.  The MMU can be mounted on a wall, panel surface or top.
The MMU includes meter fuses and a neutral disconnect link – essential if no fused meter supply has been provided and the meter must be connected direct to the busbars.
All connections are to DIN-rail terminal blocks inside the unit. Wiring access is via conduit knock-outs.
CT shorting links can be provided to facilitate meter servicing.
Meter ready to install – no cut-outs or special mounting facilities required
No need for separate meter fusing
Saves installation time and costs
Easy meter servicing
You will be able to choose to have your meter fitted in a suitable MMU when you click the [Add to cart] button.

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