Data Loggers

Many meters need a data logger to enable them to store historic data.

One of the primary benefits of using data logging for systems monitoring is the ability to collect data on a 24-hour, around the clock basis. Data loggers are inexpensive and they offer huge financial savings.

SHM manufacture a range of loggers that are robust and built to last. SHM data loggers have full networking capabilities to support any application. We install hardware designed to deliver data accurately without interruption, for your peace of mind. Once a logger has been fitted it will deliver reliable data to your PC. The software takes over converting the data into energy reports. We offer ongoing maintenance contracts to secure continued system operation.

The data loggers we supply are fully configurable with all software.


  • Modbus logging
  • M-Bus logging
  • Pulse logging
  • Analog/Temperature logging
  • Networkable (TCP/IP)
  • GPRS Option
  • Industry-standard protocol to retrieve data
  • Web-based Dashboards

UL Loggers

  • Pulse logging
  • Analogue/Temperature logging
  • Channel Alarms
  • Connect any pulse output sensor for monitoring electricity, fluid flow, steam, heat, gas, oil, etc.
  • Extensive networking capabilities: RS485, telephone etc.
  • Fully configurable
  • Comprehensive software utilities
  • DL4, UL8  and UL24 loggers can be networked together in any combination.
shm ul24


Ethernet Gateway Units

  • Connect Standard Loggers to Ethernet/TCP Network
  • RS232 or RS485 output

RF Pulse Bridge

For monitoring water meters in meter pits or other hard-to-get-at meters, we can supply an RF Pulse Bridge.

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