Download Free Software Utilities

This page provides useful links to manufacturers’ sites for various metering utilities. SHM offers these utilities that it has found useful, but does not support them.

Download Link Description
PowerStudio Standard Full-function software to read data from all Circutor devices and display it in graphical or tabular form.
Socomec Socomec Diris A60 Energy Quality Software.   This software allows any Diris A60 and A80, via an Ethernet or RS485 connection, to extract EN50160 event management data, sag, outage and swell, as well as the associated curves.   It also enables storage of all this information in CSV format (Excel standard) with a view to offline processing.
TE DataX

TE DataX software is a simple Energy Monitoring System for Crompton Instruments Integra Cidigital meters.  The software has the following features:

  • Stores, charts and reports historical and live data from up to 32 meters
  • Exports data in excel compatible format enabling further detailed analysis
  • Intuitive and easy to use MS Windows application

Schneider RCU (Remote Control Utility) is a simple SCADA software for:

  • Compact NSX circuit breakers
  • Masterpact circuit breakers
  • Power Meters

Depending on the equipment the RCU software is connected to, RCU enables the user to :

  • Display the measurements I, U, E, THD
  • Display the date and time
  • Display the identification and maintenance information of the equipment
  • Control the equipment (only for circuit breakers with motor control option)
  • Log the measurements P, FP, E every 5 minutes

The RCU software helps users to monitor and control their equipments and helps installers to check and validate the newly installed equipments.

The RCU software is compatible with the following equipments:

  • Micrologic Compact NSX (Micrologic 5.x & 6.x)
  • Micrologic Masterpact (Micrologic 5.0, 6.0 & 7.0)
  • Power Meters PM200, PM300, PM500, PM700, PM800, and PM9C
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