ND Rail 310V Retro-Fit Triple Single-phase Multifunction kWh Meter

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The Rail 310V is a DIN-rail mounting triple single-phase multifunction meter with pulse outputs with an accuracy better than Class 1.  Its display shows kWh, kW, V, A for each circuit. It is specifically designed for retro-fit applications and uses a special voltage-output current transducer that can be clipped round the live conductor without producing hazardous voltages on the secondary (as is the case with conventional CTs).

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The Rail310V is ideal for retrofit monitoring of Distribution Boards where single phase circuits must be separately metered. The split-core voltage-output current transducers greatly simplify installation.

The display shows kWh, kW, V, A for each meter. There are 3 kWh pulse outputs, one for each meter.

For additional information, please see our technical manuals page.

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